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Prisoner of Tehran

In 1982, Marina Nemat was arrested on false charges by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and tortured in Tehran’s notorious Evin prisoner, but her own personal growth and bravery are what helped her to survive even the most horrendous situations. 

 Prisoner of Tehran is an extraordinary story of Nemat’s journey to freedom. Her story is tragic, gripping and sure to provoke your tears toward the end. It is an unforgettable memoir, it a  must-read. 


Knapsacks of Brainfood

Unlike the passive activity of television, reading takes a mental effort which results in keeping the mind sharp and engaged.

I have read once that human beings have been recording their knowledge in a written form for more than 5000 years. This means all the things you are working on and all the problems you are struggling with are probably have been addressed in some books somewhere by someone who has more knowledge than you do. So, be smart and save yourself the trouble of learning from trials and errors and find yourself a book to benefit from the knowledge that have been written long time ago.

Life can get hectic and you may find yourself running from sunup to sundown trying to catch up with the busy lifestyle you have, so make reading much easier for you, have the book you want to read handy on your device and let the fun begin.

Audiobook is very useful and effective in our fast-paced world, save time and listen to it while you are commuting, doing the daily life chores, or anything else that does not require much focus.

Here are two of my favourite audiobook websites,

1. http://www.audible.com

2. http://www.audiobooks.com

Happy Reading ;)


A Loyal Friend

Reading a new book is …

A chance to live a thousand lives before I die.

Like hopping on a flying carpet and travel to distant worlds.

A quick fix for stress and pressure of everyday life.

Like diving into a new experience anytime I want.

With reading, I may not literally “be there” but I can experience it just the same.

I am always amazed when I hear someone says, “I do not like to read!!”

I have no patience at all for people like this. None. Call me loud-mouthed or pushy, but I am totally ready to give my two cents to anyone who does not read.

                                                                           Sweet Dreams Everyone :)