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To The Women

They all look like flowers.

They all look like miracles.

They all look like laughter.

Like the rain. Like the fire.

The sisters. The mothers.

Cherish them daily, and if possible dearly.

They are the image of whatever goodness there is left in the world.

By Robert M. Darke

Today, women around the world celebrate their struggle, reflect on the progress mad, cal for change, and celebrate extraordinary acts of change and determination by sometimes ordinary women who have played a role in establishing women’s rights.

Happy International Women’s Day 

Things I ♥ about Myself

Hello Dreamers:)

We live in a world full of negativity, I always hear people go on about what they do not like about themselves, and this always pisses me off. We all have good things, you just need to be aware of your wonders and turn a blind eye to your foibles (temporally to give yourself a break)

So, today I decided  to write about things I love about myself and encourage you to do the same.

Here’s some of the things I love about ME. (Please do not mistake my self-love for narcissism)

♥ I feel I am perfect with all of my imperfections.

♥ I am always willing to say “I am sorry”

♥ I have bright shinny future ahead of me.

♥ I am good with words.

♥ Curiosity what makes me thriving.

♥ I can find beauty in the most odd things.

♥ I am a day-dreamer (as well as a night-dreamer of course :0)

♥ Pain makes me stronger not weaker.

♥ I treat others the way I want to be treated.

♥ I judge people based on their actions, not on their gender, race or age.

♥ I am stubborn, I never give up.

♥ I am ambitious for learning.

Now, it is your turn, trust me it will make you feel great!!


Happy 2015

Happy New Year 

سنة سعيدة

Bonne Année

Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun


Selamat Tahun Baru


Glückliches Neues Jahr


سال نو مبارک

Щасливого Нового Року

새해 복 많이 받으세요

Feliz Año Nuevo

С Новым Годом

Sretna Nova Godina

ਨਵੇਂ ਸਾਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਵਧਾਈਆਂ

Καλή Χρονιά

the Unknown

 A man who does not live abroad, have never seen the other side of life

I remember the day when I packed my things in a suitcase and packed my brain with bright and shiny dreams preparing to leave the homeland to a country I have never been to before. I remember all the faces that were surrounding me at that time, each of them had his or her sort of mentality about how the life could be overseas, I am pretty sure that most of them have pictured it as having a picnic in a very cool place. I can fairly say that none of them thought of it as a really tough mission, even ME.

The inevitable outcome of living in a foreign country is to experience some stress, anxiety, and homesickness. So, the first few weeks away from home were quite rough on me, but as far as I know, I coped with it in a very healthy productive way. Most importantly, I stepped out of my comfort zone and realized that I could function indecently without family and friends, and this is a huge accomplish for me.  

I gained a new perspective on the world, and I learned so many things about it that I could never learn by sitting in a classroom in my homeland or even reading a book. My professor always refers to us (the international students) as the knowledgeable global citizens, which is kind of cool to feel that you do not just belong to one part of the world, you are actually belong to the whole world because of the multicultural community you are immersed in.

My life here in Canada allows me to meet people whose not only come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities, but also have unique skill sets and competencies, nurtured by life experience.

I have the opportunity to experience different cultures, languages, food, and traditions that are completely different from what I know or what I have seen on TV. You get also to meet like-minded individuals and we experience so much together and they will be lifelong friends.

In a nutshell, living aboard has presented me with so many extraordinary opportunities, to give back, to volunteer and to touch so many lives along the way.

Living in a foreign country on your own takes a lot of energy, a lot of guts, a lot of determination and a lot of dealing with annoying experiences. No one said it would be this easy but it will be eventually.

Love my life here and I would encourage everyone to pack their bags and buy the ticket.

Sweat It Out

Since I landed here in Canada, my lifestyle has changed dramatically (in a positive way of course) and I knew the time had come to expand my comfort zone once more. So, I started to do things, I have never done them before. One of these things is taking a good care of my health and fitness.

I have read once an inspiring quote that says “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” and based on my experience, I can say so as hitting the gym gets me relaxed and keeps me focus.

                                                       Stay Fit

Page 258

B&W18-57 copy

Time does fly. And it flies fast.  We are in day 258 in the year 2014 calendar. All what I can say at this moment is “I am lucky to be where I am today, I am privileged to have what I have” thank God.  However, I still need to work on some aspects of my life and more importantly to keep up with my New Year’s Resolutions.

107 days remain until the New Year 2015 and as time passes, I began to realize that the previous 258-day journey has taught me so many valuable lessons.

 It taught me to never trust anyone but myself and my own sense of what is right as this has been the best self-gudiance ever (in my humble opinion).

2660 To be patient as in life, there are many problems that cannot be solved overnight. Patience is a necessity.

 To stay faithful and not be prudent to take  a leap in the dark. To not lower my expectations even if people around me tell me otherwise.

 Change is always good, and from time to time, I need to tweak my lifestyles.

 The first secret to happiness is to fall in love with yourself.

 Good company is a key, because we become who we hang out with.

 I never know what I have until I lose it, and once I lose it I can never get it back

 I can start a revolution and most of the time I do not need the help from other people.

 To laugh at myself and let little things go.

 And finally to not underestimate myself.

                                                                           Have a lovely night everyone:)

Knapsacks of Brainfood

Unlike the passive activity of television, reading takes a mental effort which results in keeping the mind sharp and engaged.

I have read once that human beings have been recording their knowledge in a written form for more than 5000 years. This means all the things you are working on and all the problems you are struggling with are probably have been addressed in some books somewhere by someone who has more knowledge than you do. So, be smart and save yourself the trouble of learning from trials and errors and find yourself a book to benefit from the knowledge that have been written long time ago.

Life can get hectic and you may find yourself running from sunup to sundown trying to catch up with the busy lifestyle you have, so make reading much easier for you, have the book you want to read handy on your device and let the fun begin.

Audiobook is very useful and effective in our fast-paced world, save time and listen to it while you are commuting, doing the daily life chores, or anything else that does not require much focus.

Here are two of my favourite audiobook websites,



Happy Reading ;)


Rising Above the Little Things

In today’s world, we always meet some anti-cheerleaders who have nothing to do in life expect discouraging others. No matter what you do, they will still have something negative to say about it.

They often tell others they can’t do something because them themselves personally can’t do it. They seem to have that mentality of “if I can’t do it, neither can they.”

Don’t ever let these little creatures try to limit you or define who you are.

They sound pretty pathetic, helpless and fake as hell.

You only get one life so, do not allow other people’s thoughts to make it less enjoyable and never ever let them drown your own unique voice. 

Let them spread that misery around and do not take anything they say personally. Ignorance is the key here.

Personally, I don’t even bother myself to turn my head towards them. I have people around me who I can trust and rely on their opinions, knowledge and experience, but most of all I listen to myself ;)

Do you have something to add?? The lines are still open …… :!:

A Woman in a Madhouse

Hello everyone, last Friday was the International Women’s Day. So, I thought I would share with you one of my experiences related to that.

Three years ago, I read an action-packed novel about the life of a group of women in the mental hospital, I was gripped  by it and influenced me in a way that I wanted to explore it by myself. I thought that the best way to do that is through volunteering as it can help me t o get experience in my area of interest and also to do an act of charity and give back to my community. Therefore, I made my decision and went through the process to apply for the volunteering.

I told my family about my plan and I was expecting their unconditional support as they used to. Instead, I received disappointment and criticism, because they thought this experience is not as easy as others and I might not be able to handle it.

I made my final plea and told them that it is their final word because I knew that nothing on this earth could convince them and also because I could never do this without their blessings. Finally, they gave me their approval.

On the first day of my volunteering, I entered the hospital and  instead of shouting for joy, I wanted to turn around and run like hell. There was some thing different about that hospital, it was not like other general health facilities. You can hear patients shouting and screaming around you, some others were crying about something you can’t even comprehend. One girl was screaming and punching the walls as she was hearing voices and seeing people that weren’t actually there.

Most women were there for bipolar, some for schizophrenia, many seniors for dementia. One or two were there for paranoia, a few for manic-depressive illness and one girl was there for her constant suicidal thoughts.

You do not need to have a psychiatric knowledge to understand their pain and to know what they have experienced, all you need is to have a common sense. Their stories were written all over their faces.

During my second week at the hospital, I met and interviewed a new patient. She was a very pleasant 30-year-old female and diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. For the sake of protecting her identity, I will name her Muna.

Muna was a victim of spousal abuse and was emotionally drained. She got married at age of eighteen and suffered at the hand of an abusive husband. One day he decided he had enough of her so he threw her out of his house and she was forced to leave her daughter and son behind. She was sent back to her bother’s house because her parents passed away long time ago.

Her life with him was on such a roller coaster of emotions. I hold her hand while she was crying “I don’t know why he divorced me, I did all he asked. We accepted grief, but grief wouldn’t accept us” she said.

She told me her story as if she were sharing a series of well-known facts, with no self-pity or despair. I could do no more than mumble an apology

All the women I met during my volunteering from a wide range of backgrounds. They were perfectly normal, functioning members of society with jobs, families, friends and a positive future. Some were students, just like me.

Although, their circumstances were different, they all had in common the fact they wanted someone to lend them an attentive ear and listen to their stories carefully and sympathetically. They were not crazy, they were not nuts. They didn’t need the medication to regain their health, they just needed a little extra help and a safe, relaxing place to recuperate from their problems.

Mental hospitals are very misunderstood places. There is a certain stigma not only attached to being a patient in a mental hospital, but to the whole field of mental health to begin with. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself that I seized the opportunity and I followed my interest, and that made all the difference.

Have a lovely evening:)

Slow is Beautiful

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why” ~ Eddie Cantor

Hello beautiful people,

Life moves pretty fast, I can’t believe it will be March on Saturday. It is gone so far. At home or in school I feel I am busy, busy, busy and sometimes busy doing nothing. When night comes there is still so much to do, so much I want to do before finally falling into the bed. This kind of life scares me, and I feel if I slow down, it would be like jumping off a moving train.

This may not be a problem to you but for me it is a serious one as I am a firm believer that this is the cause of my anxiety and why I am a bit short-tempered sometimes.

I feel like my mind is overstuffed, it is constantly bombarded with new knowledge, people, ideas and numbers. And I do not have enough time to absorb all these things.

It is frustrating when you find your self incapable to live your life the way you want to. You need to swim against the current to create your own rhythm of life, and you can imagine how hard this mission could be.

Living in the hectic pace of today’s world kills my creativity and sweep me into the vortex of confusion and stress. I love my brain and it is precious to me, and I know this may sound odd to you but I really do. So, I do not want my fast-paced life to wreak havoc on my brain.

Note to self.. Turn a blind eye to the velocity of today’s 24-hour lifestyles, take a deep breath and slow down to enjoy your life. Slow is beautiful.

                                                                                                              With Love,

                                                                                                               Basima :P

A Dream:)

“From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. It is not a miracle, we just decided to go” ~ Jim Lovell

Dreams have an awesome power; they help you envision your bright future and see it through your heart’s eyes. They were born inside your soul to turn your life into a masterpiece of bliss and satisfaction.

I believe that dreams would never exist if you do not have the innate capability to achieve them. Most of the things in life that we dream about are actually attainable. Look up at the sky and see the moon so far away, it seems impossible and unachievable, but remember there are footprints on it because mankind made it possible and it all started with one single dream.

I have read once “nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” so, try to think big and be big even if this seems impossible. You do not want to live a boring life, because if you do so, you will not have the chance to leave your unique mark in this world, and no one will remember you.

Write down your dreams to crystallize your goals and prioritize the decisive actions that you need to take for your dreams to come to fruition.

Patience is the key. A great dream usually takes a long period of time to mature and then blossom. Do not give up, never. Even when your dreams appear to be shattered, your enthusiasm at very low ebb and nothing seems to be happening. Remain hopeful to get through the mundane aspects of daily life. Take small steps and you will be surprised how one step can easily lead you to another. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

This moment right here, while you are reading this post, is all you have. You have yourself today, which is all you ever need. Do what you love and live your life on your own term, steer your life towards the right direction to achieve your dreams. No one ever will help you pursuing them unless you do.

Believe in the impossible today. It may not be impossible after all. You just need to wake up every morning with motivations and enthusiasm, and do not forget to get rid of small negative people who try to belittle your ambitious dreams.

It’s about YOU

“Be yourself; everyone is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde

Our experiences in life clearly shape us into the people we are today, however; this does not mean that we necessarily know who we are and what we want from life.
Since we were little, we have developed beliefs and values, some good and some not so good, as a result of our society and the pressure from family and friends to comply. We were not given the opportunity to choose what to believe in or even to build our personality without other people’s interference. We were forced to fit into the society’s mould, and you can imagine what would happen if we did not.

My story to understand myself begins in childhood and continues into the present. I was not the perfect kid, but I knew that I had what it takes to be one. I found myself immersed in reading and not really part of the family life. Fortunately, this has helped me become a self-aware and instinctively began to see aspects of my personality and behavior that I didn’t notice before.

I realized that I have to learn from my past not to run from it, to let go of the things that bring me down not to embrace them, and to release my regrets and failures not to hold them.

Just like snowflakes, we are different in our own unique beautiful way. Modelling yourself after someone is a real disaster unless that will motivate you to do better. Being your self is what makes you special and no one on this earth is going to be like you.

Do not waste your invaluable time being afraid of who you are because at the end of the day all it matters is what your heart says not other vapid opinions of jealous little people.

You do not have to do anything to please other people by being what you think they want you to be. More importantly, you do not have to do anything to feel that you are worthy.

Turn your back to friends and family member who bend your ear about nonsense, make you feel terribly about your self, and contribute nothing to your life.

Finally, it’s okay to not be okay,life is not meant to be a joyful ride. It meant to be lived with a sense of contentment. You just need to feel fine and secure with what you have, what you are, and where you are going  at this moment.

P.S. Go ahead. Be curious, eccentric, and wild because NORMAL is boring.

First Thought

Okay, I have to admit that writing my first post was really scary. Just thinking about it sent a wave of nervousness through my body. Then the inevitable “How the hell am I going to do it !!” thought raced through my mind. At the same time, I was pushing my self too hard to finish writing it as  I was thrilled to see how readers would interact with what I am going to write.

I personally believe that every woman is a story to tell, and I am here to share my story. With some help, I have come to realize that my perspective about life is eccentric if not whimsical.  But before we go further in this,  let me warn you that even thought I am coming from outward conservative culture, I am not the typical Saudi girl that you may think I am. I am not that girl who is sitting behind doors and not very much part of the public life. Because of that, I decided to start my own blog and share not just my story but also my reflections on a wide range of topics. It is also going to be pretty much a  lifestyle destination that delivers  inspiration to live in a stylish and creative life. However, My blog might be confusing to some of you and sometimes you may feel that it is like a puzzle needs to be solved, but keep in mind throughout my posts that we actually live in a very confusing world so, bear with me. And yes, I jump around with tangents and this is the way my brain works. If you want a less confusing story, come back to me in ten years from now when I sort it all out.

When I was a little girl, I was inspired by Majid and  Basim magazine and I desperately wanted to become a writer. More precisely, I wanted to be a novelist to write a long story where I can have my imaginary people and create my own plot line.

I  love writing, I write to not lose my inner voice, to sharpen my confidence while honoring vulnerability and nourishing glimmers of personal insight. I write not to escape life, but for life not to escape me.

 I am sure you will enjoy a really fun ride.

                                                                                      Welcome to my WORLD :)