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Take Me Back To London

Take me back to London..

Take me back to where we had our first kiss along the Thames river.. to feel the warmth of your love in a crisp winter day.. to enjoy the brightness of your smile in a dark grey evening.. to experience the compassion of your fingers trailing the curve of my spine..

Take me back to that little tiny cafe in that narrow street, where coffee tastes happiness and joy.. and let us blab about everything and nothing..

Take me back to our place, to that comfy bed of ours to escape the cold winter and let me hide in your warm hug and sleep like a baby between your arms..

Let us roam the streets of London and go to that violinist in that street’s corner and hear him playing a sad piece of music till cold freezes our feet..

Let us take a stroll through St James’s park.. let us walk by faith not by sight and follow the map of our hearts..

Let me go mad at you, come hug me and let us burst out laughing.. it doesn’t even have to matter what we are laughing about.. let us just laugh..

Let us take the Underground.. let us ride it even if we do not have to.. let me sit beside you and lean my head on your shoulder.. and lean on your strengths to forget about my weaknesses…

Buy me a pink rose from that poor lady in that rich neighbourhood and let us change the world with the power of flowers.. with the power of kindness..

Buy me books .. let me be more nerdier than I actually am.. let me dive in them and live a thousand different lives to escape my reality when you are not in it..

Tell me how beautiful and cute I am.. let me be shy again and bury my blushing face in your chest and inhale your scent.. tell me how much you like my eyes, push my hair out of my face, kiss me on my forehead, and whisper in my ear “I love YOU”..

Talk to me about things I know nothing about and let me realize how young and foolish I am.. let me be fascinated again about how much you know about the globe and how much little I know..

Hold my hand tight and let your fingers lace with mine.. let me conquer the world with one hand while you are holding the other one..

Take me back.. let me revive my memory again.. to not forget the face I once cradled between my hands.. and to not forget the voice I once harboured in my ears.. take me there and let me relive all the moments we once had.. let me cherish them for many years to come..

Take me back.. take me back.. take me back..


A Little Thought

Processed with Snapseed.My blog is sad, I barely write on her anymore and almost every day I have thought to myself I am going to blog today .. and then have not…

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel immensely grateful for my life but sometimes I literally feel guilty about my own blessings, especially with all the mess that is going on in our world right now. I am surrounded by war zones where civilian homes and schools are targeted by airstrikes. What is worse, extreme poverty and famine are spreading in the region and despite all the remarkable achievements by NGOs, one in five people  still lives on less than $1.25 a day. Whenever I watch the news, I get sick of all the barbaric attacks and what really breaks my heart that all of their casualties are unarmed civilians. I am like who said that we are in the 21st century, it feels like we lost our way to civilization long time ago. 

A wise person told me once “if you decide not to be happy until all the sufferings are wiped out from the world, you will never be happy. There will always be happiness and sadness in our world and both are transient. So, seize the moment and be happy”

Do you ever feel guilty for being happy and creating a life you love when you know that so many other people out there are suffering?


Oh, Canada

1 July 2016

Because of this country, I have achieved my level of success and have been able to thrive in the hardship of my life without falling victim to the phoniness and superficiality. I am who I am because of this country.

 Happy Canada Day emoji_1F341