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Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Arabian Desert


I have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon, this has been on my bucket list for a long time. On a cold December morning and far from the glitz and the glamour of the city of Dubai I went on a hot-air balloon flight over the Arabian desert with endless ocean of sand dunes and emerald green oases. we spotted native Arabian animals such as oryx, gazelles and wandering camels in their natural habitats.


Up in the air just like that. on the ground one minute and 500 feet in the air the next! Stayed in the air for about an hour. Apart from the “burn” needed to keep us buoyant, it was the most quiet, peaceful, blissful experience on Earth. I absolutely loved it, a very unique combination of exhilaration and serenity.

No words can really describe it, you have got to try it ;)


I ♥ Cape Town





Bo Kaap

Cape Malay Quarter

Cape Town, South Africa 

P.S This post is dedicated to one of my long-life friends Thabang Titotti, I had an amazing tour with him to one of the townships in Cape Town (click here to read more). It was truly an experience of a lifetime . Check his website here for more info.

Dear Me!

I have been born and raised in a society full of challenges, and I learn over time to love these challenges and to cope with them in a very healthy productive way.

I was born and raised in a desert country filled with many wonders. Trees grow out of rocks. Frogs come out of the sands in a cloudburst. I always think that there’s a reason why the old prophets went to the desert and not the jungle. There is no static in the scenery so, the eyes can rest and therefore, the heart. These wonders brought out the best in me and taught me so many lessons, taught me to take control of what I have power over instead of craving control over what I don’t, to be brave enough to create my own way of life and turn a deaf ear to a very judgmental society.

In this International Women’s Day, I’m thankful to be a woman,  and to have the love and support from my family  who taught me that women are not less significant than men when it comes to future.

I have been guided with one of the most profound sayings that I have ever come across that I made it a personal motto.  Clare Boothe Luce, the renowned US play wright, journalist and later a congresswoman, once said “If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes’; they will say, Women don’t have what it takes“. Because I am a woman, I must take unusual effort to succeed.

My heart and prays will always be with those less privileged sisters out there who are struggling to make a living.

Happy Women’s Day to you all

P.S. Dear Mom, you will always and forever be the first successful, brave and unique woman I have ever known, loved and admired.

Things I ♥ about Myself

Hello Dreamers:)

We live in a world full of negativity, I always hear people go on about what they do not like about themselves, and this always pisses me off. We all have good things, you just need to be aware of your wonders and turn a blind eye to your foibles (temporally to give yourself a break)

So, today I decided  to write about things I love about myself and encourage you to do the same.

Here’s some of the things I love about ME. (Please do not mistake my self-love for narcissism)

♥ I feel I am perfect with all of my imperfections.

♥ I am always willing to say “I am sorry”

♥ I have bright shinny future ahead of me.

♥ I am good with words.

♥ Curiosity what makes me thriving.

♥ I can find beauty in the most odd things.

♥ I am a day-dreamer (as well as a night-dreamer of course :0)

♥ Pain makes me stronger not weaker.

♥ I treat others the way I want to be treated.

♥ I judge people based on their actions, not on their gender, race or age.

♥ I am stubborn, I never give up.

♥ I am ambitious for learning.

Now, it is your turn, trust me it will make you feel great!!


First Thought

Okay, I have to admit that writing my first post was really scary. Just thinking about it sent a wave of nervousness through my body. Then the inevitable “How the hell am I going to do it !!” thought raced through my mind. At the same time, I was pushing my self too hard to finish writing it as  I was thrilled to see how readers would interact with what I am going to write.

I personally believe that every woman is a story to tell, and I am here to share my story. With some help, I have come to realize that my perspective about life is eccentric if not whimsical.  But before we go further in this,  let me warn you that even thought I am coming from outward conservative culture, I am not the typical Saudi girl that you may think I am. I am not that girl who is sitting behind doors and not very much part of the public life. Because of that, I decided to start my own blog and share not just my story but also my reflections on a wide range of topics. It is also going to be pretty much a  lifestyle destination that delivers  inspiration to live in a stylish and creative life. However, My blog might be confusing to some of you and sometimes you may feel that it is like a puzzle needs to be solved, but keep in mind throughout my posts that we actually live in a very confusing world so, bear with me. And yes, I jump around with tangents and this is the way my brain works. If you want a less confusing story, come back to me in ten years from now when I sort it all out.

When I was a little girl, I was inspired by Majid and  Basim magazine and I desperately wanted to become a writer. More precisely, I wanted to be a novelist to write a long story where I can have my imaginary people and create my own plot line.

I  love writing, I write to not lose my inner voice, to sharpen my confidence while honoring vulnerability and nourishing glimmers of personal insight. I write not to escape life, but for life not to escape me.

 I am sure you will enjoy a really fun ride.

                                                                                      Welcome to my WORLD :)